• Finding Your Motivation

    It’s cold outside, and you’re tucked into your warm bed. Your dog or cat is curled up at the foot of the bed, and you’re concerned that the bed will reject you if you leave, since you’ve finally earned its trust.

    It feels like that in the morning when we know we should work out. You know your last meeting of the day will run late, the kids need to be picked up (along with the dry cleaning), someone needs to make dinner, it has to be healthy… So much runs through our minds to convince ourselves that it’s just too much trouble to get out of bed.

    But you have to do it. This is your life we’re talking about. Motivation can only come from you.

    So, try these tricks to get yourself out the door in the morning, because once that happens, working out is easy.

    • Put your clothes out the night before. Your favorite workout shirt, socks, shorts, sweatshirt… put them on your dresser, ready to go. Don’t forget a towel if you’re going to the gym.
    • Fill a water bottle, put it in the fridge, and maybe slice up some lemon that you can squeeze into it before you leave the house.
    • Put your workout shoes and keys by the door.
    • If you’re attending a Beach Bootcamp, be sure to bring a workout mat or large towel, too.

    It’s that easy! Now you’re ready to start your new routine and get on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

    The bed will forgive you.