• Making Time for Fitness

    “If you don’t make time for fitness, you’ll have to make time for sickness.”

    Anyone who has attended the Beach Bootcamp has heard me say this, and it’s for good reason: it’s true. Any study or article on health will tell you that exercise and staying fit leads to fewer infections, fewer sick days, and an improvement in overall health.

    It doesn’t take much. All you need is a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day: take a walk, do yoga, swim… anything will do, as long as you’re active. If you couple this with proper nutrition and attention to what you’re eating, you’ll see those pounds start to fall away.

    Also remember that as you get older, weight training becomes more important for maintaining muscle mass and strength. When that herniated disc decides to act up, you’ll be glad that you were doing core training and lifting weights to keep yourself steady (and make getting up from the chair a little easier!).

    Contact me today, we can create a personalized fitness regimen that will help you get fit and stay fit.