If your employees don’t make time for fitness, they’ll have to take time for sickness.

Think fitness doesn’t count in the workplace? Physical fitness in the work place increases attention span, lowers absenteeism, reduces injury on the job (decreasing the amount of worker’s compensation claims) and helps employees manage their stress effectively.

Marina Athletic Club can help your employees be more productive. Offering physical fitness training to your employees as an incentive provides a bond between you as a corporation and the employees as individuals. They feel like you care, and you’re invested…so they invest more as well. This leads to greater retention rates.  In fact, the neurotransmitters released after exercising, have shown to increase employees positive attitudes towards their careers on the whole.

Other benefits include improved: stamina, mental acuity, agility, coordination and balance. Your employees will represent your company in a better light as they manifest increased self-confidence and a more positive self-image — giving your company the competitive edge.

            We also host special one off events for your company, pricing is dependent on size of group

Can you afford not to?