Marina Athletic Club is based in beautiful Marina del Rey, in the heart of Southern California.Marina del Rey is Southern California’s premier waterfront location for recreation.We have been serving the westside community for almost 20 years.

Marina Athletic Club will get you results! “guaranteed”. Integrating intense workouts that make a physiological impact and force your body to adapt.

Targeted Resistance Training : Tailoring exercises for your body, working on strengths and minimizing any weaknesses. Incorporating our innovative programs, and advanced techniques that we have created, that have been proven to work time after time.

Marina Athletic Club incorporates weight training, calisthenics, core conditioning, metabolic conditioning, kickboxercise, agility, plyometrics and functional movement.

Marina Athletic Club is here for you every step of the way, both physically and mentally, to motivate and support you through this life changing and sometimes overwhelming transformation.

Marina Athletic Club will give you 100% dedication in creating a healthier you, your results reflect our image.

Marina Athletic Club has had the privilege of training clients from the UK to LA, including Pro soccer players, bodybuilders, entertainers, top excecutives, ex military, bikini competitors, stay at home moms and couch potatoes.

Our training methods are customized to YOU!.

Marina Athletic Club has helped all walks of life with their fitness needs, and their results have been amazing.


                     We Create Lifestyles