Personal Attention to Your Goals
              Marina Athletic Club is in the unique position of having the knowledge, experience and proven cutting edge methods to get you to your goals, but YOU will have to be committed. We will work as a team, sharing the sweat, reps and challenges needed to work.We cater to all levels of fitness. Marina Athletic Club will adapt the programs according to your progress, and avoid the plateau effect. Resistance training is an integral part of training, if you're looking to gain lean muscle and shed the fat.We are all individuals, so Marina Athletic Club will adapt a specific workout program for you, to enable the best results. We tailor this too your body type, structure and metabolism.We incorporate free weights, machines, TRX suspension straps, and lots more to avoid boredom, and make the workouts challenging and fun. Cardio Kickboxercise is also a fantastic fat loss burner, incorporating punching/kicking combinations, core conditioning, coordination, motor skills, balance and speed. This type of training will improve cardiovascular output whilst revving up the metabolism.This will result in taught well balanced physique - full body conditioning!. Marina Athletic Club will chart your progress, seeing where you're at, and setting goals with actionable steps to follow. We will adapt and fine tune programs, adjusting calorie counts, workout programs and will provide body composition testing. Marina Athletic Club will motivate you with the results you see from week to week. YOU have to take action- Commit to be fit! Marina Athletic Club has helped hundreds of people like YOU achieve their goals, often surpassing them.

    We Create Lifestyles


    Beach Fit
        Marina Athletic Club has been running  beach fit classes in Marina del rey for five years.We are fully city approved and insured.We meet at Mothers beach, a beautiful tranquil and secluded beach.
    Our classes cover all aspects of fitness: strength conditioning, core work, agility, speed, flexibility and endurance.The classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, we work on timed intervals, so you progress at your own pace. Our beach fit classes are all H.I.I.T FIT based - High Intensity Interval Training.The classes combine strength conditioning & body weight exercises and work on functional movement in an outdoors setting. Meet like minded people, have fun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings Marina del Rey has to offer.

    We create lifestyles

    Our program is custom-designed, incorporating some of the best fitness techniques and principles from around the world.We use elements of cross fit (scaled down) and High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T), proven to shed fat, preserve muscle, increase strength and power and improve overall fitness. We also work on timed increments, so it is relative to YOU! We provide innovative “high octane” beach workouts.                                                                          The fully loaded MAC mobile.      Full arsenal of equipment to train you wherever.  
  • Bridal Bootcamp


    Shedding for the Wedding!

    You have chosen the man, the date, the dress --- but do you have the body you want for the magical day? Marina Athletic Club can help you and your bridesmaids get in fantastic shape for your special day. We will provide fun and challenging workouts for you and your bridesmaids, in addition to nutritional and emotional support, all leading up to the big day.

    Are you hearing wedding bells ? Are you planning for and dreaming of the happiest day of your life? While it’s intended to be a joyous time, for many women, their wedding day can become both a looming deadline and a major source of stress. We know looking your best, whether in a bridal gown or in a bridesmaid dress, is important to you.

    We want to help you achieve your goal weight and boost your confidence with our wedding prep workout program! Keep in mind that maintaining a positive outlook will ultimately be the most important contributor to your happiness on the big day!

    Wedding planning brings with it an overwhelming number of responsibilities, and it’s easy to get caught up in in your busy schedule and forget your health.

    The wedding prep program is about focusing on yourself, and not on dinner napkins, seating charts, or flower arrangements. During this time, when you may be planning a wedding yourself, or being there for your best friend as a maid of honor, it’s important to remember to eat clean and a well balanced diet. You’ll be thrilled when you see, and feel the results of healthy eating and working out.

    No Quitting Till The Final Fitting!




    If your employees don't make time for fitness, they'll have to take time for sickness.

    Think fitness doesn’t count in the workplace? Physical fitness in the work place increases attention span, lowers absenteeism, reduces injury on the job (decreasing the amount of worker’s compensation claims) and helps employees manage their stress effectively.

    Marina Athletic Club can help your employees be more productive. Offering physical fitness training to your employees as an incentive provides a bond between you as a corporation and the employees as individuals. They feel like you care, and you’re invested…so they invest more as well. This leads to greater retention rates.  In fact, the neurotransmitters released after exercising, have shown to increase employees positive attitudes towards their careers on the whole.

    Other benefits include improved: stamina, mental acuity, agility, coordination and balance. Your employees will represent your company in a better light as they manifest increased self-confidence and a more positive self-image --- giving your company the competitive edge.

                We also host special one off events for your company, pricing is dependent on size of group

    Can you afford not to?


    Craig started judo at the age of five and quickly moved on to studying the art of Kung-Fu, earning a second degree black belt by the age of eighteen. Craig has studied many forms of Martial Arts, and is well rounded in the world of MMA.

    Craig offers self-defense-MMA classes especially geared towards defensive moves. Craig will show you how to use what you have with you at a time of an unfortunate situation and to utilize techniques, not necessarily based on sheer brute force but skill, using your initiative to open your mind and defend yourself.  You’ll feel more confident in everyday life and become more assertive and diffuse situations before they get out of control. Craig will take you to the point to diffuse any volatile situation effectively.